Why Use First and Business Class Lounge

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Airport Lounges are a pure blessing to travelers as this area of the airport works amazingly well to heal the torture and exhaustion experienced while traveling. The First and Business class lounges have been made accessible to the travelers to relax and attain peace of mind. Often, travelers do not use the airport lounges, either because they haven’t entered into one or maybe because they feel that there would be additional charges incurred for use. But, irrespective of such perceptions, we have got you some fantastic aspects which justify precisely why using a First and Business Class lounge is a smart move!


After going through enormous hours of security check, an individual often gets cranky. The First and Business Class lounge offers a quiet space to relax in the comfortable chairs. The lounge makes television accessible for guests who could enjoy their taste of entertainment. London Heathrow Airport is instilled with such exceptional lounges where passengers relax and then, carry forward with their journey.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds

The first and business class lounges are a refreshing blend of food and drinks. What else could be more exciting for a traveler than entering a paradise of a diverse range of food followed by beverages [Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic]? A standard business class lounge exposes a traveler to a variety of food to dine in and self-serve tea and coffee. Guests can enjoy drinks at the bar and unwind.


If you are assigned a room which is on the ground floor, then request to get it changed and book a room on higher levels of the hotel. The rooms on the ground level are easily accessible from the outside or from the hotel garden.

Efficient Customer Service

One of the most significant aspects of the first and business class lounges are their customer service. Personal assistance is provided to the guests for their travel related queries – from changing seats to verifying connections followed by baggage, etc. Agents are available to save your time from standing in the general queue. Also, some of the premium services include fast-track check-in, deduction in baggage, etc.

Facilities for Arriving passengers

Certain airport lounges provide the arriving passengers with facilities like complimentary juice, shower facilities, etc. to ensure that they can relax and then move further. Although these facilities are not available in every first and business class lounge, however, Heathrow Airport does offer it.
When traveling overseas, it is a pleasure to spend time and enjoy the amenities which the first and business class lounge offers to its guests. Out of all the international airports, the London Heathrow Airport has a different and unique lounge which involves galleries, food, leisure, drinks and much more.
Spending a favorable time in the first and business class lounge is, in itself, an experience of a lifetime.
This time, say yes to the First and Business Class Lounge!

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