Economy fares have gone considerably down, owing to the fuel-efficient aircraft, cheap fuel, and increasingly available flying routes. Even with the economy fares becoming more and more passenger-friendly, there has been a significant degradation to the economy seats as we see even the top-rated airlines worldwide trying to squeeze in more seats to wring out more money in long-haul flights.

Imagine this scenario and then imagine the entry of premium economy! Premium economy is definitely a growing class for the customers who are willing to spend a little extra to get some much-needed space, legroom, and comfort from the squished in economy seats. It only makes your travel more comfortable. You don’t have to squeeze yourself into a small seat with little leg space. If you upgrade yourself to premium economy, it can help you ease off your travel fatigue immensely.

But is it worth paying 15% – 20% extra on your fares? People who haven’t traveled in a true premium economy cabin might not feel it worth their money. However, do not be skeptical! Added comfort and extra legroom are just one of a long list of privileges that you enjoy in the middle cabin!

 Let’s check out the top 5 reasons why you must choose premium economy!

Arrive at your destination thoroughly rested

Unlike the economy seats or preferred seats that merely offer extra legroom, the premium economy seats are designed in a way that they recline, similar to the business-class seats to provide a feeling of comfort. According to a study, the premium seats offer enough legroom and seat width to have a genuinely undisturbed and comfortable sleep in the case of a long-haul flight. Imagine a situation when you can easily stretch out your legs all through the flight. Just thought of it gives you great pleasure so having such a seat can give you a truly fantastic experience during your trip. Therefore, you will naturally feel more rested on arrival.

Bid adieu to the long queues at the airport.

One of the best perks enjoyed by premium economy class passengers is free boarding. They have their own dedicated and special boarding lanes with priority check-in lines that makes the process much quicker. Also, your bags will be one of the first ones to arrive with the business and first-class passengers’ in addition to lounge access. So you can finish up your check-in quickly to enjoy the shopping experience at the airport. You can use the extra time to chill at the airport or do your other work rather than wasting your time standing in a queue for the economy class.

Enjoy extra attention from the flight attendants.

Almost all the premium economy seats in airlines worldwide have a dedicated crew to attend to its passengers. Thirsty or hungry mid-flight? You will not even have to press the call button because the ever-ready flight attendants will be there immediately to attend to your needs. Passengers in the premium economy class also enjoy upgraded beverage and food options. Moreover, you even get more variety of cuisines and drinks to choose from. Don’t you want to feel like a king or a queen during your flight just by paying a little more? I am sure it would be worth the money!

You might get upgraded for free to the business class.

Some airlines even offer mileage upgrades to their premium economy class passengers. It is not uncommon at all for airlines to offer an upgrade to the business class on premium economy fares on connecting routes where they do not serve a premium economy class. Upgrades are subject to availability and not guaranteed unless paid for. Nevertheless, your chances of getting an upgrade to business class are way higher if you are in premium economy. Who knows? This might be one of your successful and luxurious trips!

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Earn more flying miles.

Premium economy passengers can earn up to 100% flying miles with bonus mileage, even if you purchase a discounted ticket of the premium economy class. Some extra miles collected in your kitty is not a bad idea. Just for a little more if you are getting 100% flying miles, it means you will get better returns when you use those miles for your next travel. That does not sound half bad, right? So, maybe switching to premium economy is not a bad idea after all!

We have put forward way too many reasons for you to choose premium economy over a standard economy class ticket. Along with amazing luxurious seats, you also get the opportunity to skip the queue and utilize your valuable time in doing better things. The flight attendants in a premium economy also make sure you get the best treatment and are at your disposal all through your journey. They don’t leave any stones unturned to make you feel like a king or a queen during your trip. You get better options for food and beverages as well. What more can you ask for? But, wait! This is not it! You also get 100% of the total miles along with some bonus miles when you book your tickets. It is valid for the discounted tickets as well. It means you can always earn more miles on each of your trips and redeem it for your upcoming flights. Isn’t it simply amazing? Well, the premium economy also gives you higher chances of upgrades to business class. Yes! As we already told you, traveling in a premium economy can get you an upgrade for free if you are one of the lucky ones! So there is more than just one reason to switch to premium economy and leave the age-old economy class today!

In short, you can now enjoy the luxury and privileges of business class in a fraction of its original fare. The premium economy perks are unlimited, and once you fly premium, you’ll never go back to economy!